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P.O. Box 71363
Durham, NC 27722
(800) 569-4661

Welcome to Club and Resort Tennis Services


Making your job easier "over the net"

"We do the things that
Tennis Professionals a
nd Coaches
don't have the Time, Staff, Resources
or just plain don't like to do!


CRTS Wizard Drills Drills Lesson Plans Marketing Programs HS College Coaches

“New information and knowledge creates enthusiasm and
excitement for both the teacher and the student!”

Club & Resort Tennis Services provides you with two different options (click on registration for details) that will save you time, increase and improve your communications with your members and add value and creativity to your lessons and programs.

Here are some of the benefits you will receive by subscribing to our service:

  • Access to over 200 diagramed drills in easy to use categories with search capabilities and over 100 new lesson plans for your team practices, lessons, clinics and camps.

  • The ability to personalize professionally done templates for newsletters, calendars, graphic tennis tips, flyers, sign-up sheets, handouts and much more. You can use this information with your current newsletter or create separate tennis information that can be copied or e-mailed.

  • Examples of many different programs including everything needed to make them successful. Plus samples of the most popular programs being run at facilities throughout the world.

  • Team discounts on clothing and equipment from some of the top companies in the Tennis Industry!

The information on this site will make your job easier! New and innovative materials are added throughout the year. With your subscription you will be able to copy, print or download drills, lesson plans, programs, newsletters, handouts, flyers and much more. Click on the FREE samples or go to Registration to join.


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