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Lesson Weekly
Doubles Handout: Red, Yellow and Green
Drills (Clinic Lesson Plan)

U10 Tennis Homeplay Handouts
Easy to create these handouts are take home tennis activities and practice tips!  Print 3 to a page, cut and distribute.  Here's a sample:
Homeplay Scramble
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U10 Lesson Plans
Easily create your U10 Lesson Plans using the Daily Sheet function under the Camp and Events Manager!  Currently choose from 20 different warm-up activities (search under Teaching Tips/Warm-up), 50 teaching tips range of topics (search under Teaching Tips) and 25 U10 drills (search under Drills/U10 skills activities).  More information and activities added monthly!  We will also create more samples like this one, click here!

Camp Starters
Create a great start to each camp day with these plans that include images and talking points for a demonstration, starting drills (great for staff), camp teaching tips and a group fun "spirit game"!  We provide a variety of the Camp Starters or you can easily make your own using the Daily Sheet Function. Here are two samples:
Forehand Theme/Topic
Backhand Two-handed Theme/Topic

Tennis Lesson Cards
Ask your players what they learned and an easy way is with these postcard size “Tenniscards”.  Hand them out after lessons and have the players write down what they remember from the lessons, players can start a library of tennis tips from you but written in their words! 
Here's a sample: (print to a heavy stock paper 2 sides to 1 page and then cut)

Tennis Lesson Card "Ideas"

Text Images to Your Players
We are adding a new feature allowing you to save images of tennis tips, shot patterns and more.  Save the images to your computer and then attach them to an email you send to your phone.  You can then easily text an image from your photo gallery.  Easily build you tennis tip gallery on your phone and quickly send a text after a lesson, clinic or event creating more "touches" with your players!  You can use our description of the tip and or edit with your own information.

Here are some samples:
Toss Tip Image

Toss Tip Description:
"A consistent serve starts with a consistent toss.  Avoid flicking your wrist when tossing by holding the ball like an ice cream cone!"

Dance Image

Volley-Dance Description:

“A good dancer uses a lot of footwork (think River Dance) and good volleys require good footwork.  The footwork provides power, balance and helps with consistency when you are at the net.
So have more fun and hit better volleys when you “dance” at the net!”

10 Things to do after a Tennis Lesson

Interactive Calendar
Here's a sample of the interactive calendar you can use for your teams, players, etc.  It's under the Team Manager Section.  We have set it up with ideas to help you with ideas and programs:

Calendar (Teaching Pro)

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