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Innovation and experience bring many advantages to our clients through the resources on www.jobeasier.com!. Club & Resort Tennis Services has a very impressive list of Tennis Professionals, Sports Psychologists, College and High School Coaches  providing valuable information and insight especially in their respective forums; Professional Forum, Mental Game Forum and Match Coaching Forum. 

Larry Karageanes: Director of Club & Resort Tennis Services

Larry Karageanes has been in the Tennis Industry for over 30 years, working at two of the top 50 Tennis Resorts in the country for 10 years and at one of the premier Country Club developments for 13 years. He also directed the tennis program and developed curriculum at one of the top sports camps in the country for seven years.  Larry has also coached both public and private high school tennis teams. A member of both the PTR and USPTA he conducts seminars and specialty courses for both organizations and is a faculty member at many of their international symposiums. He has made presentations at the USTA Tennis Teachers Conference and numerous workshops for coaches.  He is the Director of Club & Resort Tennis Services a company providing valuable resources for tennis teaching professionals, coaches and players.

In 2014 Larry took a one year contract as Tennis Director at a 22 court facility in Durham, NC.  He will share programs, ideas, flyers and much more from this recent experience on the web site helping to make your job easier!



“I absolutely LOVE your website...it is fantastic and has helped me in so many different areas, both on and off the court.   Thank you for producing such a wonderful, comprehensive website.  I run the tennis section of the country club here in Santa Maria, own a small tennis pro shop and coach 35 to 40 hours a week, so your website comes in handy ALL the time!”
-Darien Wright

"I use jobeasier several times a week to make lesson plans for my teams; to develop a theme for each week-like serves and returns.  I can easily prepare the lesson plans by using the examples and then I add or subtract drills that would benefit each team (they are at different levels).  I always incorporate several  cardio drills because the more you move your feet the better you play.  Then I focus on placement, consistency and wrap up with strategy that pulls everything we practiced together- so they can leave with a plan and implement it in their next match.
I love being able to always have new drills to present to my teams each week.  I also like to visually watch drills – it makes it faster for me to put together a lesson. 
I also like to be able to pull up specific categories for kids lessons like quickstart or 10 and under .  It is good to get a different perspective on presenting the “basics” !"
-Kim Allen

"Thanks once again for your prompt and courteous professionalism.  It is appreciated!"
-Tracy P. Daspit

"I just want to thank you  for this website and all the work you've put into it.  This has revolutionized our tennis program and has brought fresh, fun ideas for the kids. It has also brought a new excitement for me as the coach.  They are really enjoying this.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  Thanks! "
-Tom Alongi, Capital H.S. Tennis Coach

"I really appreciate it Larry.  My practices are going to be better because of this site."
Have a great day,
-Stephen Solis

"Keep the quality drills/ideas coming! I get a lot out of your site."
Thank you.
-Tom Haviland

“I want to thank you a million times for the gift certificate
  template! I like it so much, I couldn't find any better than this. I'm
  very excited about it and I can't wait to send it to my client. Thank
  you very, very much! You guys are doing a very good job and I appreciate
  your effort!”
  —Cosmin Miholca

“Please renew me. It's a great tool and I'm happy to hear about the upgrades!”
—Tim Holmes USPTA

“Keep up the good work - I use your site all the time!”
— P. Maloof

“I love the website!! I am recommending it to all my peers!!”
— Karl Hale

"Your Pro Development Seminar was even more valuable to us then we ever imagined. We have immediately implemented many of the drills from the seminar into our private lessons and clinics and have had very good feedback from our members. One of our indoor adult clinics went from four people to the maximum 24 participants within a two- week period. All of the pros on staff have benefited tremendously from the web page as well as the seminar both from an educational perspective as well as increasing their lesson revenues. Larry's web page has some great stuff on it, from new drills to easy to follow lesson plans to newsletter material and much more. I highly recommend Larry's seminar as well as his web page to any facility that wants to be successful in tennis."
— Mike Zaulski, Director of Tennis, Chapel Hill Tennis Club

"It's a very useful site for a tennis coach or for someone who teaches tennis. I also use it at the camp I run in the summer so staff can access drills/strategies/lesson plans etc. It's very valuable!"
— Tom Lang, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

"Since I signed up, it is part of my daily lesson plan schedule for several different clients with great lesson plans and handouts. The monthly newsletter goes to all my clients and has stemmed several referrals, as I'm currently over booked with a waiting list. I can't even start to explain all the features I use on a daily basis or for Tournaments I have run over the summer plus my Tennis Camp."
— Fred G. Orne, PTR Instructor and Coach

"The great wealth of information provided by Jobeasier.com has helped the Leon High School boys tennis team reach its potential during the last two seasons. Practice sessions have remained innovative and fresh. And it has translated into unparalleled success on the court during competition. Thanks."
— Kevin Record, Two-time Big Bend Coach of the Year, Leon High School , FL

"We have used (and I strongly recommend) the services of Larry Karageanes and his company, Club and Resort Tennis Services.  Most recently he provided our teaching staff with an on court training session.  The drills and on court games were a great success.  The session created enthusiasm and excitement with the staff and provided a variety of new ideas.
We also use his web site, www.jobeasier.com.  It saves us a lot of time, provides some great ideas and my staff can download drills, handouts and lesson plans."
— Tom Cascarano, Director of Tennis, Greensboro Country Club

"I use it often.  It is a big help in planning club events.  The drills are great,  well laid out and easy to follow. The club notices (letters) are super for drumming up interest for them.  I would like to say to everyone that your product saves time and effort while producing professional looking material."
— WF "Trey" Jewell, USPTA

"Sincere appreciation on your presentation June 18, 2002 at Maywood Tennis Club in New Jersey.  Maywood is always looking for the highest quality and standards of excellence in the East Coast.  You have provided us with new improved drills and games to stay ahead of the competition.  Our staff has the ammunition for fun and energized camps this summer.  We highly recommend other clubs take the time and use your consulting expertise."
— Marvin P. Benzing, Master Professional USPTA, Managing Partner, Maywood Tennis Club

"Through my 20 years in the Tennis Industry, I have made a career by the motto, "Always continue to learn, never be happy with what you know, strive to learn more." Larry Karageanes has been a major influence in my growth as a Tennis Director and for over ten years I have used his teaching and learning tools to help me run the best program that I can for my members. When I need a new idea or find I'm in a rut with programming I always turn to one of Larry's manuals to find something new. Everything from match charting ideas to innovative ways to get members out I strongly suggest you invest the time to buy one or more of his programs. The cost will come back ten fold!"
— Mitch Adler, 1999 USPTA Southern Pro of the Year; 2001 USPTA Mid-Atlantic Pro of the Year

"It has been a very useful program aid, giving us the opportunity to provide a lot of variety in clinics for members and resort guests. It paid for itself from the first clinic."
— J. Winder, AZ

"Great ideas for marketing tennis!"
— P. Mason, SC

"Good drills, have used them for both adult group lesson and junior camps."
— D. Heath, TX

"The drills were new to me. It's a good tool."
— R. Gale, VA

"Great stuff! It's used by all of our staff of 12 full time and six part time teaching pros."
— W. Schuete, NY

"Jobeasier has helped organize my clinics. It saves a lot of time and makes organizing a clinic easier. I have been mixing and matching the different drills."
— B. Vineyard, CA

"It is great! I use it all the time. I offer a clinic a week and it is published in our club's newsletter and the turn out has been great!"
— M. Noblin, AR



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