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The Can of Fun! Program

Games for Kids! Coloring! Stickers! Puzzles!

Can of Fun


What is it?

The Can of FUN! creates a unique opportunity that will add more interest, value and excitement to your tennis program. It combines the love that children have for coloring, stickers, puzzles and games with tennis and the empty tennis ball cans you have from buying practice balls.

How does it work?

We provide a name tag template that you and your junior tennis player easily personalize for the can.  Then you have the option of different sticker packages for the junior player and the can. You can either print the name tag templates and stickers on label paper you purchase from a local merchant or buy them from

We then provide the handouts on our site that you can print and insert in the cans. You can insert some handouts when you give the cans to your junior players.  Other handouts and stickers would be available when the junior player brings their can to clinics, camps or lessons. The handouts are 5 ½” by 8 ½” and fit two to a page, over 50 different handouts are available.

The Can of FUN! makes you look more organized, creative and adds value.  It will make your job easier!

Other options:

The Can of FUN! can also be used in restaurants or dining facilities at a club as a way of promoting tennis and the tennis professional.

The Can of FUN! can also be used with camps by inserting merchandise along with the handouts.

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