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There are a variety of tools available in the Programming Section to help create successful and profitable programs!


There are many different programs set up for adults. Here's one that provides an entertaining format and activity. Everything is included to make it a success!

Tennis, Pumpkins and Fun
Letters (Sales and Thank You)
Sign Up
Tennis Tents Out (Mini-flyer for tables or give as reminders)
Tennis Tents Inside
Participant Handout



There are many different programs set up for juniors. Here's one for a Junior Tennis Ladder. Everything is included to make it a success!


Sales Letter
Ladder Rules
Tennis Tents (These are mini-flyers for tables or to give out as reminders)


The initial start of a program, whether it is a new junior 8-week instructional program, adult theme mixer, member guest or a summer camp, includes some challenges. You often will have people who do not know each other, have not participated in a program at your facility or are nervous about participating.

Here is how Program Icebreakers can make a difference:

Create a positive group atmosphere
Help participants relax
Help participants to become more engaged
Energize the start of the program
Break down social barriers
Help participants get to know one another
Keep the icebreaker short and organized. You may be trying just to introduce people to each other or bridge the gaps between on court abilities and levels.

Here is a sample:

Icebreaker: Tennis Ball Can Name Game with Template

Click here to download template (To print use Avery Template 5294, 2.5" diameter 12 lables/sheets)

Here's a fun icebreaker with a tennis ball can theme. Use the template and print off the name tags editing the "balls" with the words; Penn, Wilson, Prince, etc or make up other words related to your facility or event. Add the same number next to three of the words to represent "three balls in a can". Either have participants draw a name tag and put their name on it or to save time you can have them ready in advance. The first three people that find their can (a can is three of the same numbers and words) with all three players reporting back to the desk or director win a prize (prizes can be a can of balls, games added to their score in a mixer or round robin, etc.). This is a fun way to meet people!


Programming Tool Box

In this area you have access to forms, worksheets such as Program Expense and Revenue, Timelines and more to help organize and stay on track.

Here is a sample:

Program Evaluation


Successful Programs

There are over 75 different examples of successful programs from around the world in this section in a quick easy to read format.

Here are a few samples:

Program: College Kickoff Classic
Site: Quail Ridge CC, FL
Objective: Adult and juniors form a team playing against other teams, similar abilities play against each other.
Format: Players are placed on teams and given a college name. One game won equals a yard gained on the giant football field scoreboard. Bonus yardage can be gained at half time with throwing and kicking competition

Program: Pre-season Camp
Site: Henderson CC, NC
Objective: To offer a camp for the girls high school teams just before practice starts.
Format: A five-day program that attracts approximately 20 girls. The coaches help promote because the girls enter their season excited and with an edge.

Program: Junior Slammers
Site: Yakima TC, WA
Objective: To increase junior play and competition.
Format: Sundays, 2-4:00pm (indoor) Set up two areas of competition based on attendance and levels. In one area players compete on point totals with winners moving up. With the other area matches are played.

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