HS/College Coaches

Dear Coach,

We want to make things a little easier for you and your school! We will provide you with valuable coaching information while your school can access separate lesson plans, drills, handouts, study guides and tennis quizzes for Physical Education classes.

As a Coach you will gain access to drills (over 300 diagramed drills and video clips), lesson plans (over 150), handouts and worksheets on strategy, tactics and mental toughness. You will also be able to access the Match Coaching Forum and the Mental Game Forum . In the Match Coaching Forum some of the top college coaches in the country will share their actual on-court coaching experiences. The Mental Game Forum includes advice and ideas from leading sports psychologists. These forums will be very informative and useful in handling on-court match situations, scouting opponents and evaluating performances. You will also be able to send in questions.

Just click on the links above to see some free samples and to learn more about each area. You can also visit the CRTS Wizard for free samples of the drills including the video drills, lesson plans and handouts. Remember your school will benefit two ways with one subscription. Both the Tennis Team and the Tennis Physical Education Classes will gain from using the site making it a cost-effective valuable service.

To join now and to start to make things a little easier for you go to registration.

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