Sample HS/College Practices

In this section you will have access to actual High School and College Practices. You can see how some of the top coaches set-up and run their practices including topics, time, drills and comments. Here's one example:

Duke University Women

Coach: Jamie Ashworth


Offense/Defense (Doubles)

Practice Time

2 hours

15 Minutes

Warm-up with jogging and stretching

15 Minutes

Warm-up shots from mini-tennis to serves

10 Minutes

Baseline drills (we always start our women's practices with a few baseline drills because the girls want to feel like they're groundstrokes are in a groove)

20 Minutes

Crosscourts (Alternate between just one shot and having to hit both shots, this works on recovering and hitting the inside out ball which they see a lot in doubles. We will also do this hitting down the middle)

20 Minutes

Offense/Defense (One player protects a corner of the court and the other player plays inside the other baseline and tries to hit through that corner. Five minutes in each corner)

10 Minutes

Crosscourt volleys moving in from no-person's land

10 minutes

Reflex volleys from the "T"

20 Minutes Wrap-up Doubles


In this session we are also stressing movement and concentration. We are in our 6th week of practice and the players are expected to execute - no excuses!

We also spend an additional 45 minutes to an hour off court with conditioning/fitness. This year we are trying something new with training in soft sand once a week

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