Match Coaching Forum

In this section you will have access to valuable coaching information. You will learn what the top college coaches say to their players before, during or after a match. Of course, every player is different and what works for one player may not work for another. But by recalling and sharing their actual "match stories" these top coaches will help provide a valuable service. You can also e-mail us coaching questions that we will address to our panel.

Here's an example of the match-coaching forum:

What have you told a player after she/he has been broken?

"To think about the future and not dwell on what has happened. They need to focus on what's coming up by making a good high percentage return. For example, on the first point if they serve wide to my player I want them to return crosscourt and put the pressure back on the opponent. They can get the momentum back on the first two points."

Jamie Ashworth
Coached 19 All-Americans
#1 Ranked Team in the Country (six weeks in 2003)
Duke University Women's Coach

Here are some other examples of questions that are answered in our Match Coaching Forum. New information is added each month.

  • What have you told a player after she/he won the first set?
  • What have you told a player after she/he lost the first set?
  • What are some ideas you provide to a doubles team before a match?
  • What do you look for when scouting an opponent?
  • How do you evaluate a match after a loss?
  • What do you say to a player before a match with a seeded player?
  • What have you told a player as she/he is serving for the set?
  • What are some of the ideas you offer a player before a match?

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