Mental Game Forum

In this section you will have access to valuable information on coaching mental skills. You will learn what the leading sport psychologists say to players before or after a match. Of course, every player is different and what works for one player may not work for another. But by sharing their techniques these "Mental Toughness Consultants" will provide a valuable service to coaches and their players. You can also e-mail us coaching questions that we will address to our panel.

Here's an example of the Mental Game Forum:

Can You Teach Mental Toughness?

Yes! A good start is to provide a step by step Pre-Serve and Pre-Return of Serve routine to FOCUS ATTENTION to start each point. A consistent routine triggers the serve and return giving the athlete the best opportunity to be proactive on each point.

For a Five-Step Pre-Serve Routine:
1) Inhale = Shoulders rise and Exhale = Shoulders drop
2) Clearly choose type of serve; slice, spin or flat
3) Bounce the ball for rhythm
4) See and feel your target
5) Reach up, face up and go!

For a Five-Step Return of Serve Routine:
1) Inhale = Shoulders rise and Exhale = Shoulders drop
2) Clearly choose type of return; drive, block, chip and charge, lob and your target; crosscourt, down the line, through the server
3) Ready position; balanced and ready to move through each return
4) See and feel your return
5) Lock in at the top of the server's toss and go!

As your Pre-Serve and Pre-Return Routines become consistent, You will mentally be in each and every point!

Dr. Bryce Young
President, Peak Performance Training

Dr. Bryce Young's Peak Performance Psychology Program has benefited 160 varsity teams at over 100 schools and universities. Dr. Young can be reached at Email: or telephone (843) 681-7171.

Coach Bob Bayliss, Men's Tennis Coach at Notre Dame University said of Dr. Young, "Two months after Dr. Young spoke to my team we beat the #7,5,3,and 1 ranked teams in the NCAA Championships, reaching the final. He left his mark on us!"

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